Vinisva - Huis van de Gezond-Verstand-Burger

Doe mee!

n = n + 1 ...

Bouw mee aan een nieuwe toekomst! Deel je verbeelding met gelijkgestemden en de rest van de wereld. Lees ook even mijn oproep om mee te doen en meld je aan als medebewoner van het Huis van de GezondVerstandBurger.

en lees een proefexemplaar van 
De Derde Verlichting

Aanleiding voor deze toevoeging aan de Vinisva databank is een artikel in Follow The Money:

Wanneer gaat de ‘handel in invloed’ over in corruptie?

Lobbyen bij politieke beslissers door belangengroepen en bedrijfsleven is zo oud als de weg naar Rome. Maar waar eindigt opkomen voor belangen en begint ongewenste belangenverstrengeling? Onze Senaat blijkt vol te zitten met lobbyisten. Intussen weigerde Nederland een verdrag te ratificeren tegen deze ‘lobbycratie’.

Hieronder staan 2 websites die waken over integriteit en lobby's. Gegevens kunnen daar interactief worden opgevraagd, gefilterd, etc.

EU Integrity Watch is designed to be a central hub for online tools that allow citizens, journalists and civil society to monitor the integrity of decisions made by politicians in the EU. For this purpose, data that is often scattered and difficult to access is collected, harmonised and made easily available. The platform allows citizens to search, rank and filter the information in an intuitive way. Thereby EU Integrity Watch contributes to increasing transparency, integrity and equality of access to EU decision-making and to monitor the EU institutions for potential conflicts of interest, undue influence or even corruption.

The technology behind the platform (D3.js) was developed by the New York Times in order to make complex datasets accessible to a wider audience. All datasets are also available for download as this platform strongly supports the principles of open software and open data.

The website currently contains two different datasets on the following topics:

  • Data on the members of the European Parliament (MEPs), mainly on their outside activities and incomes
  • Data on lobbying in Brussels. For that we have combined the records of lobby meetings at the European Commission with the information contained in the EU Transparency Register – the register of Brussels lobbyists

Information from the declaration of financial interest of MEPs provides a unique overview of their activities and enables a range of rankings and visual comparisons. It also allows to identify those MEPs with a high degree of external activity and to better monitor them for potential conflicts of interests between their legislative work in the Parliament and their outside activities.

Self-reported data of senior public officials of the European Commission on lobby meetings contains a range of potential important insights on current dynamics and content of lobby activities. Data from the voluntary Transparency Register provides additional information on who those lobbyists are, how much they spent on lobbying, how many people they have working for them and what files and topics they are active on.

All datasets used on Integrity Watch are retrieved from the official websites of the European Institutions. We read out this information on a regular basis and publish the date of the latest update prominently on our websites. EU Integrity Watch is not responsible for the accuracy of the original data published by the EU Institutions. If you are using the data please always confirm your findings with the original information on the websites of the EU Institutions.

EU Integrity Watch was first launched in October 2014 by Transparency International EU (TI EU). The project is co-funded by the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE), with a contribution by the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF).

For more information on TI EU:

For more information on OSIFE:

For more information on KBF:

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Data extracted and published under the ODBLv1.0 open data licence by parltrack

Website: EU Integrity Watch

Lobbyists in Brussels — Who’s meeting whom? The European Commission has reported over 4,000 meetings with lobbyists in the past six months. Crunch the numbers with POLITICO's interactive tool.

Website: Politico


Author: Hans Geurts

Hans is publicist en oprichter van Vinisva, op social media te volgen als GezondVerstandBurger (@vinisva). Tevens muzikaal actief als indie artist, songwriter en producer in Gashunters en Twoomusic. Zie Contact voor o.a. telefoon en mailadres.